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Hibernate. Then Wake Up.

hibernateA funny thing happens when we begin to pursue our dreams. We experience elation: We’re really doing it! And then we feel terror: We’re really doing it! Now what?

Hibernation is a necessary part of the growth process. Digging deeper into our creative well requires going underground. The danger is when we forget to resurface, hiding under the pretense of finding our voice. We also need sunlight to grow.

When we experience discouragement, we risk oversleeping. Or we issue the ultimate dream killer: Well, that didn’t work. Clearly, I’m not meant to do this.

And that’s a lie.

We were meant to do whatever it is we decide we were meant to do. And, if we stop doing it, for whatever reason, we can start doing it again the moment we are ready.

Allow your postponed dreams to come back to you like long-lost friends. The longer they have been away, the more they will have to tell you.

Photo by digitalART2; Creative Commons license.